I enjoy manipulating wood, clay, wire, and other items and transforming them into beautiful, "different", and expressional pieces.  

I have always been “different” and enjoy finding unique ways of displaying it. I began acting upon it back in junior high school, where my sister and I would strive to break away from social norms. We would travel miles to surrounding cities just so we could purchase strange and unordinary shoes. We would flaunt them in school and admire the fact that there was no one else who had shoes like us. This moment of my life created a zest to pursue this “different” lifestyle even more. 

After high school, my sister followed her passion, and I began teaching art after completing college. For many years, I have been able to develop young minds to think critically, analyze, manipulate materials, be creative and turn their ideas into both 2D and 3D art work. I love being able to help them tap into their creativity and show them that thinking and being “different” is okay when creating art.