Biophillic Wreath Design

Interior design trends recycle over time, bringing back the most loved, refreshing aspects of styles we’ve seen before.

Over the past two decades, many homes and offices were designed with a forced sense of tranquility, utilizing pure white minimalism, cold concrete surfaces, and sharp angles. But when the pandemic upset daily life and sent people home, a dormant seed took root again: biophilic design and building nature into our spaces.


What is Biophilic Interior Design? A Timeless Trend


Biophilic design was highlighted in Pinterest’s 2022 trends report, but the idea isn’t new. ‘Biophilia’ was first coined in the 1960s, and it refers to ‘the passionate love of life and of all that is alive.’ Studies have shown that biophilic design elements can boost performance, lower stress levels, and promote an overall happier, healthier sense of wellbeing.


biophillic wreath decor


How to Decorate with Biophilic Design Ideas


  1. Reimagine your space as a natural environment.


The millennial houseplant obsession may have helped propagate the biophilic trend, but it’s just a shallow start.

Instead of adding a few plants or natural textures on top of an existing design, consider how you can truly integrate them to take root in your room. How can you bring the entire space to life? Consider living plant walls, biophilic green walls, and floral ceilings.

On a small scale, Biosphere Dome Wreaths achieve the same result by reaching into a room with 3D designs that look uniquely alive from every angle.


  1. Decorate with living plants, whenever possible.


Biophilic design always prioritizes living elements. Plant artwork, landscape colors, and faux greenery might look good in photos, but it can feel a little false in practice. Real running water, moss-covered stones, living plants, and blooming flowers can have a profound impact on the ambiance of a room.

Remember, biophilia explores the human-nature connection and those healing benefits that we get from being outside. That’s why Biosphere Dome Wreaths are made with real, living flowers that radiate a sense of organic luxury. Lush greenery fills in the gaps on these living wreaths with the most realistic looking foliage on the market.




  1. Embrace organic shapes and natural movement.


Any introduction to biophilic design will tell you to embrace the beauty of curves. It’s time to soften our spaces with smooth edges, imperfect ovals, and flowing lines that move in a natural way. Perfect, crisp circles are swapped out for gentle, blob-like brush strokes; square patterns are taken over by lush florals and leaf prints.

Take an opportunity to study natural patterns and shapes closely. How can you organize your room’s flow of energy like a curving riverbend? What can you hang near the ceiling to mimic the comfort of a tree’s canopy overhead?


Dorothy Carey always lets nature speak for itself when designing new Biosphere Dome Wreaths. Every floral arch, hidden tangle of greenery, and expressive 3D twist is modeled after biophilic garden design and the way plants really grow in the wild.


It’s a humbling, tranquil experience to look out outside and find inspiration in nature. Embrace the biophilic lifestyle with a Biosphere Dome Wreath and discover how a plant life can completely transform the look and feel of your room.