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Botanical Biosphere Dome Wreath Grapevine Luxury Wreaths

This multi-dimensional wreath weaves colorful blooms and floral textures together like a living ecosystem. Pops of green balance and ground the Biosphere Dome Wreath under brilliant pink, yellow, and red hues. Twisting lines of blooms fill the center like a lush botanical garden with carefully tended floral filigree. 


Unfinished wreath circumference measures 24"

Finished design wreath measurements: Note: these measurement are taken at the highest, widest, and deepest points on the wreath

H-33" 1/2    W - 29"1/2     D - 11" 1/2

Policies: Please read store policies and returns before purchase

Returns:   No Returns

Note: All Biosphere Dome Wreaths are recommended for interior or well covered exteriors ONLY.