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Inspirational Cards
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 Inspirational Cards | Customize Greeting Quote Cards for family and friends.

The best gift you can offer someone is simply an encouraging word when they need it the most. 
Taking the time to let someone know how much you care can have the power to turn their day or life, completely around.
We all know how valuable it is to share a kind thought with those we care for in times like these.
That is why we have combined our passion for wreath making and inspiration together. This is a photo of the unique set of cards in our inspirational card collection
The cards will display a beautiful handcrafted 3D wreath design on the front. A blank space is on the inside for you to write a special message to someone. Finally, the card includes a famous inspirational quote on the back.
✅ Our NEW inspirational card collection is 5.5" x 4" Folded - Premium matte .

✅ They will be sold in a set of 5 cards per pack. AVAILABLE SOON

✅ The cards will be available NOW on our website. 

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