About us


From time immemorial, as far back as the period of the ancient Roman Empire, wreaths have always been symbolic of celebrations, festivities, and memorable events. Cultures all around the world attach a lot of significance to wreaths and their use for events considered as landmarks in the life history of individuals, as well as the history of collective entities such as dynasties, cities, towns, nations, and empires. Although wreaths might have evolved in shapes, and designs in today's world, the symbolism is still the same.

As a product developer, I am fascinated by the idea of a wreath design that has a three-dimensional depth form, where a biosphere representing "habitation, territorial dwellings, and the general environment" is created. This desire for cut-edge creativity in wreath design would eventually lead to the creation of Biosphere Dome Wreath in June 2019. This was the beginning of the revolution— the transformation of the traditionally acceptable designs for wreaths. 

Wreath design with three-dimensional depth form

I desired to introduce a new perspective in wreath design to the wreath industry and marketplace. Transforming wreath making from a craft to a form of art is my vision. I believe design and craftsmanship must not become so monotonous to a point where the designer or craftsman loses the creativity necessary for such noble professions as wreath design and wreath making, respectively. 

A first glance at the unconventional and newly created Biosphere Dome Wreath will show its unmistakable difference as compared to what has become widely known. The multi-dimensional Biosphere Dome Wreath depicts transformations and unique features all within the habitations of the dome form. If you call it a revolution, you won't be wrong— revolutionizing the shape of the wreath.